Enjoy Your Home With Professional House Cleaning in Huntington And Hempstead Areas

House cleaning is the most requested and our most popular service. Universal maids have worked in condos, apartments, mobile home and mansions. It doesn’t matter where you reside, we have got you covered.

Regular Upkeep

A lot of our work comes from repeat customers who require regular monthly, weekly or even twice a week house cleanings. With so many families dependant on dual full time incomes, rarely is there time for the kind of thorough and consistent house cleaning we all desire in our homes.

You may also call us for an ultra-deep cleaning before a big event. Do you have a graduation or anniversary party planned at your home that has you feeling a little insecure about all the attention your house (and your maintenance of it) will receive from your many guests? We would love to assist you in making it sparkle before all your loved ones. If it is a last-minute dinner party that has you worried about the state of your home, we likewise will come out on short notice to clean your home to a polished state.

Urgent Move-Out Day Cleaning

Moving house is probably one of the most stressful “happy” events any individual or family has to endure. Between packing innumerable boxes, sealing up the holes in the walls, and repairing any damages, who has time to really go from room to room and give it the due attention it needs? And yet, cleaning is essential in order to avoid damage costs and to provide the new owners a clean slate in the home to start their lives in. Therefore, we are often requested for move-out day cleaning. We are proud to say that we have probably saved many of our customers from having to pay a damages deposit for their rental homes and condos by simply doing thorough cleaning; we would love to do the same for you.