Why Choose a Maid Service for Your Huntington/ Hempstead Home or Business?

Maybe you have used a housekeeper or a general cleaning service before. They may all seem like they are offering the same thing. However, at Universal Maid service we beg to differ. It is our opinion that a maid service is far superior to any generic cleaning company.

A cleaning service performed by experienced maids means meticulous attention to detail. Sure, we know how to do the heavy grunt-work of cleaning bathtubs, scrubbing tiles, as well as the common cleaning tasks like vacuuming and washing the floors. However, we go above and beyond the obvious messes. First, we really listen to our clients and focus especially on the special requests they have for various rooms and spots in their homes/businesses. Second, we never miss the little details that make a space look truly spotless. We dust the blinds and the ceiling fans. We clean behind your fridge and stove. We spot-clean the walls. The windows, where the light enters your home, are also an easily neglected item that we focus on polishing to a shining glory. Per personal request of our customers, we can do light organizing in various areas of the home. You want the inside of your fridge scoured, polished and organized? You got it!

Choosing a maid service also means polite and courteous interaction with your hired cleaning professionals. We love the job we do and we are always looking for ways to do it better and more efficiently. This passion exudes from our work and demeanor, and we hope that it wins over your trust and business for a long-lasting relationship.

Whether it’s a one time cleaning for a move out day or a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, our attention to detail will delight and impress you. Universal Maid service offers house cleaning and office cleaning around Hempstead, Huntington and New Hyde Park. We also do commercial office cleaning.