Improving Work Atmosphere With Office Cleaning

Universal Maids now offers office cleaning services. If you are a commercial business with a large square footage that is just too difficult for your current employees to maintain on a weekly basis, our cleaning professionals will work around your schedule to make sure your working environment is as tidy and neat as possible. We know that a well-kept workplace has been said to increase productivity, decrease distraction and anxiety in employees, and it is our goal to help make that happen for your business. Universal Maids are not intimidated by any kind of office and commercial cleaning, including:

Warehouses: We are not scared off by sweeping and washing floors in a building with a large square footage. We’ll scour spills, dust shelves, and improve the look and ambiance of your warehouse space.
Gyms: You won’t scare us with sweat. Universal Maids will wipe down your equipment, leaving your workout space pristine and ready to serve your next group of customers. Don’t hesitate to book us for maintenance cleanings at your desired time intervals.
Cubicle rooms with heavy tech equipment. We use special alcohol-free and lint free tech-care wipes to dust and de-grease the tech equipment; we wipe down desks and take out the trash from all bins.
Call centers: Lightly dust all tech equipment and clean with tech-care wipes.
Traditional offices: We dust and wipe down all office equipment, removing trash as well. Office bathrooms are scrubbed and disinfected. We also deep-clean your office kitchen, including counters, microwaves, and floors.

Please call us at +1 (516)781-0018 and we will accommodate your schedule to bring the best office cleaning service in Queens and Long Island (including Hempstead, Huntington and New Hyde Park) to your business location. Also, contact us if your house, apartment or condo need some sprucing up.